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This page is in the 'old' namespace, and was imported from our previous wiki. We recommend checking for more up-to-date information using the search box.

Greenstone2 FAQ

General Information

  • What is Greenstone?
  • How is Greenstone licensed?
  • What platforms will Greenstone run on?
  • Are there any mailing lists concerned with Greenstone?
  • Are the mailing lists archived anywhere?
  • How do I contribute to Greenstone?

Obtaining Greenstone

  • Where do I get Greenstone from?
  • Are there binary distributions of Greenstone available?
  • Is Greenstone available on CD-ROM?
  • Is the Greenstone source code available through a Version Control System?

Installing Greenstone

  • How do I compile Greenstone from a source or SVN distribution?
  • What is the difference between Greenstone's local library and web library?
  • How do I use Greenstone's web library with IIS?
  • How do I install the Greenstone Librarian Interface as an applet?
  • How do I enable the remote building facility?
  • I have a binary release of Greenstone installed. Now I want to recompile it. What should I do?
  • I have installed the linux binary on FreeBSD, but cgi-bin/library is not working.
  • How do I get my Greenstone server accessible from the Internet?
  • How do I put my Greenstone Digital Library on the web?

Running Greenstone

  • OK, I've installed Greenstone. Now how do I make it go?
  • What web browser do I need to view Greenstone collections?
  • When I start the Windows local library there are two buttons in the dialog box, "Enter Library" and "Restricted Version". They both seem to do the same thing, what's the difference?
  • So when should I use the "Restricted Version" of the local library?
  • When I start the Windows local library my computer asks me to dial up my Internet Service Provider. Do I really need to be online to run Greenstone?
  • I'm trying to use the Windows local library. My web browser is starting up as expected but the Greenstone home page never gets loaded or gives an error message. What's wrong?
  • Where can I get more Greenstone collections?
  • When I attempt to access certain parts of Greenstone I'm asked for a username and password. What do I enter?
  • When I use the large query box function I occassionally get a Not Found error.
  • How do I get usage information for my library?
  • How do I get Greenstone going on Windows Vista?
  • How do I get rid of a WSASYSNOTREADY error?
  • GLI's Preview Button can't successfully launch a web page in Firefox (or another web browser)
  • I've lost my username and password, what can I do?

Building Greenstone Collections

  • What is the "Greenstone Librarian Interface"?
  • What is "the Collector"?
  • How do I build a collection from the command line or DOS prompt?
  • I built a new Greenstone collection on my Windows machine. Everything appeared to work fine while building, however when I tried to view the collection some of the documents contained no text. Sometimes Greenstone appeared to crash completely. What have I done wrong?
  • Why won't the Collector's "export to CD-ROM" function work?
  • I'm trying to use the Collector on Windows 2000 but it's running extremely slowly. Is this normal?
  • What is "the Organizer"?
  • Where do I get the Organizer?
  • I'm attempting to build a collection with the collector but it keeps failing with an error. What am I doing wrong?
  • What options are available for the collect.cfg file?
  • Where can I find some example collect.cfg configuration files?
  • How can I build my collection using MGPP?
  • How do I fix XML::Parser errors during
  • Are there any limits to the size of collections?
  • How do I enter non-English metadata in GLI?
  • How do I change the search results order?
  • What's the difference between MG, MGPP and Lucene?
  • How do I build my collection incrementally?
  • Can I build collections using the Librarian Interface on a remote server?
  • What is the depositor?
  • Can I get any information about the metadata coverage in my collection?
  • How to manually specify filenames in metadata.xml?
  • What is the Windows Key and where is it located?
  • How do I open a terminal (called DOS console) in Windows?
  • How do I copy text (such as error messages) that are printed on the DOS console?
  • How do I open Windows Explorer to navigate and browse through folders on Windows?
  • How do I manually (re)build a collection?
  • Running GLI in debug mode: GLI failed to start up properly, how do I find out what just happened?
  • Getting better error reporting in GLI (the Greenstone Librarian Interface)
  • Are there really multiple copies of my resource documents stored in my Greenstone installation?

More about indexing and searching

  • Can Greenstone search Arabic OCR text?

More About Plugins

  • Does Greenstone have a plugin for my data format?
  • What metadata is available for each plugin?
  • I'm having problems with my PDF files! What's wrong?
  • How do I use UnknownPlugin to handle my new format?
  • How do I get my CDS/ISIS database into Greenstone?
  • How do I get my PMB database into Greenstone?
  • How do I get my XML files into Greenstone?
  • How do I use DatabasePlugin?
  • How do I build collections of documents with images and OCR text (PagedImagePlugin)?

More About Classifiers

  • I've added a new type of classification to my collection.
    • How do I create and add the navigation bar images (2.62 and earlier)?
    • How do I translate the navigation bar labels (2.71 and later)?
  • How can I do Unicode collation for my classifier?
  • How do I use dynamic classifiers (2.81 and later)?

Customizing your Collection

  • How can I customize the appearance of my Greenstone collection?
  • What are the formatting options available for my collection?
  • How can I hyperlink individual metadata elements?
  • How can I hide the dummy text "This document has no text"?
  • How do I suppress the link to the Greenstone text version of a document?
  • How do I add cover images for my documents?
  • How do I link to other sections of my document?
  • How do I link to the next or previous search result in a document page?
  • How do I search multiple collections at the same time?
  • How do I handle diacritics?
  • Can I customise the Date format?
  • How do I use Realistic Books in my collection?
  • The internal links between my HTML pages don't work in the built collection
  • My HTML page links to an MP3 file, but the link doesn't work in the built collection
  • My MP3 files are being truncated by the browser
  • A free HTML Editor
  • How do I add a new button to the navigation bar?

Customizing Your Greenstone Library

  • How do I change the logo on the front page of my library ("greenstone digital library software")?
  • Where can I get more information about customizing my Greenstone library?
  • How can I add a new page to my Greenstone library?
  • What do the cgi arguments used by library stand for?
  • How do I change the default settings of the cgi arguments?
  • How do I get rid of the external link page?
  • How do I add a language selection box to every page?
  • How can I link documents in different collections together?


  • How can I prevent my users database from being publicly accessible?

Authentication in Greenstone

  • Can I password protect a collection?
  • Can I password protect just certain documents in a collection?
  • Is there a demo collection that uses authentication?
  • How do I create a new user?

Greenstone interoperability

  • Does Greenstone support z3950?
  • Does Greenstone support OAI?
    • How are the OAI datestamps generated?
  • How do I use DSpace with Greenstone?
  • How do I use the Greenstone Corba interface?
  • How do I use METS with Greenstone?
  • Integrating workflows and Greenstone

User Contributed Information

Registered users may enter their own FAQ entries in this section. This page is not monitored or edited by Greenstone staff.

  • How to use the filter_text() function to handle diacritics
  • How to build CD/DVD-ROMs from collections for redistribution
  • How to integrate Greenstone collections into LOCKSS systems
  • Moving data into and out of METS formated data
  • Documentation for creating media streaming video library in Greenstone
  • E-commerce and Greenstone, monetizing library and archive collections
  • Lucene configuration - the Lucene command interface to access proximity search, fuzzy search, and soundex search]].
  • Installing Imagemagick on OS X
  • Explaining Plugins
  • Collection specific plugins
  • MetadataCSVPlug notes
  • Converting very large CDS/ISIS databases to Greenstone Collections
  • Changing the prefix for incremental OIDs a quick hack that is occasionally useful.
  • Title, ex.Title and dc.Title notes some helpful details.
  • customising export
  • Installing Greenstone3 for OS X users
  • Useful searching methods in Greenstone2 (in French)
  • A "step-by-step" for importing some non-standard Excel files to Greenstone

Miscellaneous Questions

  • How do I copy from and paste into GLI on a Macintosh (why don't Apple-C and Apple-V work)?
  • What is the Windows Key and where is it located?
  • How do I open a terminal (called DOS console) in Windows?
  • How do I copy text (such as error messages) that are printed on the DOS console?
  • How do I open Windows Explorer to navigate and browse through folders on Windows?
  • How do I enable user comments?

Advanced Tasks

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