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This page is in the 'old' namespace, and was imported from our previous wiki. We recommend checking for more up-to-date information using the search box.

Greenstone Interoperability

Does Greenstone support z3950?

Greenstone has support for z3950, both as a client and a server. This support is not enabled by default, and recompilation is needed to enable it. Please see the z3950 support page for details about enabling and using z3950 with Greenstone.

Does Greenstone support OAI?

Greenstone has support for OAI, both as a client and a server. The OAI support page discusses using OAI with Greenstone.

How are the OAI datestamps generated?

The "datestamp" tag content comes from the "lastModified" metadata that is added automatically by Greenstone when you build a collection. This lastModified value is obtained from the operating system, and is usually the last time the file was edited. However, if the file has been copied (for example if you used the GLI to add the file into your collection) then the lastModified value will probably be the time the file was copied.

dc.Date metadata will be used instead of lastModified for the datestamp tag, if it exists. This is to allow you to set the datestamp value if the automatic (lastModified) value is incorrect.

How do I use DSpace with Greenstone?

How do I use the Greenstone Corba interface?

(in preparation.)

How do I use METS with Greenstone

Please see this page.

Integrating workflows and Greenstone

1. From Katherine's (kjdon) response to the mailing list:

There currently isn't full support for complete integration, however, there are work arounds.

Once the collection is set up, there is an online document submission system called depositor. This allows authenitcated users to add documents and metadata to an existing collection. In its default mode, you set the metadata fields you want to be added using GLI, and these fields show up in depositor. Users can add a document, add metadata, and upload it to the collection. It gets built in to the collection. However, this can be turned off - the document can be added but the collection not rebuilt.

You could have one collection that users add documents into. Then the checking people could look at the documents in that collection, add more metadata, and when the document was fully approved, it could be moved into an official public collection. or something like that.

2. From John Rose's response to the mailing list:

It is straightforward for users to upload documents (with basic data like Title and Author) using the Depositor. Please see for a tutorial. There is no way at present to alert the librarian about newly submitted articles. A way around would be to create a dummy collection for new articles, and to have the librarian consult it regularly, transfer the articles to the main collection (for example by dragging in GLI or with the existing metadata through the OAI/PMH function) and to enrich them there. Others have asked in the past about the function you want, its priority for further development would depend in part on interest expressed by the users in response to your question.

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