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This page is in the 'old' namespace, and was imported from our previous wiki. We recommend checking for more up-to-date information using the search box.

Contributing to the GreenstoneWiki

  • Anyone can read this Wiki, but not write to it (to prevent graffiti)
  • Registered Users are able to edit discussion pages, unprotected pages, and create new pages. To become a registered user, please create an account for this wiki, then email us your username and we will add you to our list of registered accounts. Note, merely creating an account does not automatically make you a registered user.
  • Greenstone project members can edit all pages in the wiki. If you have been contributing to this Wiki and want to join the documentation project, just let us know!
  • To add information or comment on protected pages in the wiki, please edit the associated discussion pages. Remember to look at these when searching for help about Greenstone.
  • The User contributed page is unprotected, and is the starting point for users to add their own documentation. We recommend that each new topic is added as its own page, and a link added to it from this page. <br/>The easiest way to add a new page is to add a link to it from the User_contributed page. Links look like [[Page_Name|Link text]]. All page names must be unique, and should describe the contents of the page in some way. Once the link is added into the User_contributed page, clicking the link will create a new page that can be edited.
  • If you already have some documentation about Greenstone, for example a web page or a PDF document, then please add in a link to it from the User contributed page. External links look like [URL Link text]. Note the space between the URL and the text to display, and the single [] (internal wiki links have double [[ ]]).
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