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List of browsing classifiers

List-based classifiers

Browsing ClassifierDescription
AZCompactListClassifier plugin for sorting alphabetically (on a-z, A-Z, 0-9). Produces a horizontal A-Z list, then a vertical list containing documents, or bookshelves for documents with common metadata.
AZCompactSectionListVariation on AZCompactList that classifies sections rather than documents. Entries are sorted by section-level metadata.
AZListClassifier plugin for sorting alphabetically (on a-z, A-Z, 0-9). Produces a horizontal A-Z list, with documents listed underneath.
AZSectionListVariation on AZList that classifies sections rather that documents. Entries are sorted by section-level metadata.
DateListClassifier plugin for sorting by date. By default, sorts by 'Date' metadata. Dates are assumed to be in the form yyyymmdd or yyyy-mm-dd.
HierarchyClassifier plugin for generating a hierarchical classification. This may be based on structured metadata, or may use a supplementary structure file (use the -hfile option).
ListA general and flexible list classifier with most of the abilities of AZCompactList, but with better Unicode, metadata and sorting capabilities.
RecentDocumentsListClassifier that gives a list of newly added or modified documents.
SectionListSame as List classifier but includes all sections of document (excluding top level) rather than just top level document itself.
SimpleListSimple list classifier plugin.

Other classifiers

CollageAn applet is used to display a collage of images found in the collection.
HTMLCreates an empty classification that's simply a link to a web page.
PhindProduces a hierarchy of phrases found in the text, which is browsable via an applet.

Base and special classifiers

Browsing ClassifierDescription
AllListCreates a single list of all documents. Use by the oaiserver.
BaseClassifierBase class for all the classifiers.
BrowseA fake classifier that provides a link in the navigation bar to a prototype combined browsing and searching page. Only works for mgpp collections, and is only practical for small collections.
HFileHierarchyClassifier plugin for generating hierarchical classifications based on a supplementary structure file.
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