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DateList classifier

Classifier plugin for sorting by date. By default, sorts by 'Date' metadata. Dates are assumed to be in the form yyyymmdd or yyyy-mm-dd.

The following table lists all of the configuration options available for DateList.

DateList Options
metadata (REQUIRED) The metadata that contains the dates to classify by. The format is expected to be yyyymmdd or yyyy-mm-dd. Can be a comma separated list, in which case the first date found will be used. Default: Date
sort An extra metadata field to sort by in the case where two documents have the same date.
reverse_sort Sort the documents in reverse chronological order (newest first).
bymonth Classify by year and month instead of only year.
nogroup Make each year an individual entry in the horizontal list, instead of spanning years with few entries. (This can also be used with the -bymonth option to make each month a separate entry instead of merging).
no_special_formatting Don't display Year and Month information in the document list.
Options Inherited from BaseClassifier
buttonname The label for the classifier screen and button in navigation bar. The default is the metadata element specified with -metadata.
no_metadata_formatting Don't do any automatic metadata formatting (for sorting.)
builddir Where to put the built indexes.
outhandle The file handle to write output to. Default: STDERR
verbosity Controls the quantity of output. 0=none, 3=lots. Default: 2
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