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RecentDocumentsList classifier

Classifier that gives a list of newly added or modified documents.

The following table lists all of the configuration options available for RecentDocumentsList.

RecentDocumentsList Options
include_docs_added_since Include only documents modified or added after the specified date (in yyyymmdd or yyyy-mm-dd format).
include_most_recently_added Include only the specified number of most recently added documents. Only used if include_docs_added_since is not specified. Default: 20
sort Metadata to sort List by. If not specified, list will be sorted by date of modification/addition.
Options Inherited from BaseClassifier
buttonname The label for the classifier screen and button in navigation bar. The default is the metadata element specified with -metadata.
no_metadata_formatting Don't do any automatic metadata formatting (for sorting.)
builddir Where to put the built indexes.
outhandle The file handle to write output to. Default: STDERR
verbosity Controls the quantity of output. 0=none, 3=lots. Default: 2
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