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Variation on AZCompactList that classifies sections rather than documents. Entries are sorted by section-level metadata.

The following table lists all of the configuration options available for AZCompactSectionList.

AZCompactSectionList Options
No options come directly from this classifier
Options Inherited from AZCompactList
metadata (REQUIRED) A single metadata field, or a comma separated list of metadata fields, used for classification. If a list is specified, the first metadata type that has values will be used. May be used in conjunction with the -firstvalueonly and -allvalues flags, to select only the first value, or all metadata values from the list.
firstvalueonly Use only the first metadata value found.
allvalues Use all metadata values found.
sort Metadata field to sort the leaf nodes by.
removeprefix A prefix to ignore in metadata values when sorting.
removesuffix A suffix to ignore in metadata values when sorting.
mingroup The smallest value that will cause a group in the hierarchy to form. Default: 1 Range: 1,
minnesting The smallest value that will cause a list to be converted into a nested list. Default: 20 Range: 2,
mincompact Minimum number of documents to be displayed per page. Default: 10 Range: 1,
maxcompact Maximum number of documents to be displayed per page. Default: 30 Range: 1,
doclevel Level to process document at. Default: top
freqsort Sort by node frequency rather than alpha-numeric.
recopt Used in nested metadata such as -metadata Year/Organisation.
Options Inherited from BaseClassifier
buttonname The label for the classifier screen and button in navigation bar. The default is the metadata element specified with -metadata.
no_metadata_formatting Don't do any automatic metadata formatting (for sorting.)
builddir Where to put the built indexes.
outhandle The file handle to write output to. Default: STDERR
verbosity Controls the quantity of output. 0=none, 3=lots. Default: 2
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