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This page is in the 'old' namespace, and was imported from our previous wiki. We recommend checking for more up-to-date information using the search box.

Installing Greenstone2 from SVN Source on Windows

You will need:

  • Visual Studio, to use its compiling capabilities which work with the Windows makefiles of Greenstone

Where to get the source code

You can get the source code from SVN (as described below) or alternatively, you can either get the source distribution or, during the installation of the binary distribution, choose to include the source code (for these see Where to get the source to install from.

For example, I got svn-1.4.6-setup.exe from

  • Open an MSDOS prompt. As given in the Greenstone SVN page, to get the gsdl source code, you will need to type the following at the prompt:
svn co greenstone2

which will checkout Greenstone 2 source code into a new folder called "greenstone2".

Getting windows binaries

This is required to get the conversion tools used for importing different types of files, such as wvware.

  • In an DOS prompt, go into the bin directory inside your Greenstone 2 installation folder.

For example:

cd C:\greenstone2\bin
  • Now checkout the binaries using the following command, which will create a new folder called 'windows':
svn co windows

Compiling Greenstone 2 source code on Windows

Follow the instructions at Compiling Greenstone, the Windows section.

Getting the Greenstone Librarian Interface (GLI)

  • In your top-level greenstone2 folder, check out GLI from svn. The following will do so and put the checked out GLI files into a new folder called gli:
svn co gli
  • Move into the newly created folder gli and compile it up:
cd gli
  • Setup the environment for Greenstone 2 by going into the top level directory again and running setup.bat:
cd ..
  • In older versions of GLI (before 2.82), launching GLI will always bring up a little popup asking whether you want to enter the Library and if you click to confirm, it will open a browser window before the GLI application itself appears. To avoid having to go through this procedure each time, you can edit the glisite.cfg file.

Still in the top-level Greenstone 2 folder, make a copy of the file glisite.cfg and name it gsdlsite.cfg. Then open up the original (glisite.cfg) and change the following two lines to become:

  • GLI can be launched by moving back into the gli folder and running gli.bat:
cd gli
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