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This page is in the 'old' namespace, and was imported from our previous wiki. We recommend checking for more up-to-date information using the search box.

Greenstone3 FAQ

General Information

Obtaining Greenstone3

  • Where do I get Greenstone3 from?
  • Are there binary distributions of Greenstone3 available?
  • Is Greenstone3 available on CD-ROM?
  • Is the Greenstone3 source code available through a Version Control System?

Installing Greenstone3

  • How do I compile Greenstone3 from a source or SVN distribution?
  • I get errors during compilation - Help!
  • How do I load Greenstone3 as a project into Eclipse?
  • How do I install Greenstone3 on a Mac OS X?
  • How do I install the remote building facility for Greenstone3?
  • How do I install Greenstone 3 on 64 bit Windows 7?

Running Greenstone3

Building Greenstone3 Collections

Customizing your Collection *Adding collection-specific service text strings

Customizing Your Greenstone3 Library

  • How can I add cross-collection searching?
  • How do Greenstone 3 format statements and skins work

Greenstone3 interoperability | Greenstone3 interoperability

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