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General Documentation

About Greenstone

Greenstone users

This scheme allows users to augment and edit collections that are held on a remote Greenstone server. Users work with a modified version of the Greenstone Librarian Interface but do not need to have Greenstone running locally. Multiple users can collaborate on the same collection (though not at the same time).

Greenstone developers

This is detailed documentation of the user feedback software incorporated into Greenstone under the “Send Feedback” button. It covers the design rationale and the artifact and is intended for those wishing to extend or modify the software. It is a companion document to the “Greenstone Developers’ Guide”. If you want to know the purpose of the software, you should read the papers listed as “further reading” at the end of this report.

Having developed some usability reporting software for Greenstone, it is necessary to test it. This document is broken up into two parts: a description of the software, and a description of the ideal test circumstances. To examine the system discussed in this document go to; to examine the source go to /nzdl/public_html/dana/gsdl on nikau.

User Supplied Documentation

An illustrated guide to customizing the Greenstone user interface. Written by Allison Zhang of the Washington Research Library Consortium

National Convention on Library and Information Networking (NACLIN) 2005. By M. G. Sreekumar and T. Sunitha, Center for Development of Digital Libraries (CDDL), Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode.

By Jesús Tramullas,

by Rajasekharan and Nafala (2007). E-prints in Library and Information Science

White paper written by DL Consulting that discusses the fundamentals of creating a digital library.

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