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Greenstone Collections

Several demonstration Greenstone collections are included on the CD-ROM. If you have Web access, many others can be downloaded, in either pre-built or unbuilt form, from the New Zealand Digital Library Project website ( ).

The Greenstone Demo collection is a small subset of the Humanity Development Library (HDL), a polished collection. It illustrates that relatively rich browsing capabilities can be provided (so long as suitable metadata is available). It is included automatically when the software is installed.

Greenstone also comes with some well-documented example collections whose “about” page describes how they are constructed. They demonstrate various capabilities of Greenstone. The install dialogue will ask you whether you want to include them in your Greenstone installation; the approximate amount of disk space needed for each collection is shown below.

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< - 60 182 294 >
demo Greenstone Demo<br/>(7 Mb) A small subset of the HDL. If you clone this collection, the full facilities will only appear if your new files provide appropriate metadata information.
dls-e Development Library Subset collection<br/>(150 Mb) Like the Greenstone Demo, this is a subset of the HDL—but much larger. It contains 250 publications—books, reports and magazines—in various areas of human development (the full HDL contains 1,230 publications). It has the same structure as the Greenstone Demo. It's fairly complex, and if you're just starting out you might prefer to look at some other collections first (e.g. MSWord and PDF demonstration, the Greenstone Archives, or the Simple image collection).
wrdpdf-e MSWord and PDF demonstration<br/>(4 Mb) This contains a few documents in PDF, MSWord, RTF, and Postscript formats, demonstrating the ability to build collections from documents in different formats. The collection configuration file is very simple.
gsarch-e Greenstone Archives collection<br/>(5 Mb) A collection of email messages from the Greenstone mailing list archives, this uses the Email plugin, which parses files in email formats. The collection configuration file is very simple.
cltbib-e Bibliography collection<br/>(7 Mb) With about 4,000 bibliography entries, this collection incorporates a form-based search interface that allows fielded searching. It is fairly complex.
cltext-e Bibliography supplement<br/>(1 Mb) This tiny collection of 10 bibliography entries illustrates the "supercollection" facility which searches several collections together, seamlessly. It operates together with the Bibliography collection, and its configuration file is almost the same.
MARC-e MARC example<br/>(1 Mb) Based on some MARC records from the Library of Congress, this is a simple collection (and does not allow form-based searching).
oai-e OAI demo collection<br/>(18 Mb) Using the Open Archive Protocol and the Import-From feature, this retrieves metadata from an archive and builds a collection from the records. In this case they are images, so both the OAI and Image plugins are used.
image-e Simple image collection<br/>(1 Mb) This very basic image collection contains no text and no explicit metadata—which makes it rather unrealistic. The configuration file is about as simple as you can get.
authen-e Formatting and authentication demo<br/>(8 Mb) With the same material as the original Greenstone demo collection, this shows off two independent features: non-standard document formatting, and controlled access to the documents via user authentication.
garish Garish version of demo collection<br/>(8 Mb) This collection also contains the same material as the Greenstone demo. Its appearance has been altered to show how the pages generated can be set out differently. It relies on a non-standard macro file that is supplied with Greenstone.
isis-e CDS/ISIS example (1 Mb) This collection is built from a CDS/ISIS database of about 150 bibliography entries. It uses the ISISPlug plugin, which reads the standard ISIS .mst and .fdt files and converts them to Greenstone metadata.
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