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Greenstone Legacy Manuals: HowTo

Editing The Manuals

  • You need to be registered and logged in
  • You can only edit English versions of manuals - due to limitations in the translation process software
  • Feel free to 'discuss' any non-English change requests
  • In general use the Dokuwiki syntax
  • There are a number of rules that must be followed when editing
    • All text strings that require translation should be preceded by a unique identifier, of the form:
      <!−− id:uniqueidentifier −−>Text string

      If not provided the export system will do its best to generate one, and will also ensure that any identifier given is indeed unique (by adding a numeric suffix as necessary)

    • If you want HTML comment markers to appear verbatim in the displayed text you have to use a special notation to prevent them being confused with actual HTML comments (that are hidden in the text), like so:
      %!-- The comment uses percents instead of angle brackets --%
    • Further to the normal syntax for tables, you can also specify fixed widths for the table columns (presumably to be used in later generated postscript documents that care about such things) by starting the table with a line of this format:
      |< - 132 397 ... n >|

      where 132 is the width of the first column, 397 the width of the second column and n the width of the nth column. All measurements are in pixels.

    • Special notation for figure captions:
      <imgcaption figure_x|The caption>

      The caption may also include subcaptions, which are assumed to start with (a), (b), © etc:

      <imgcaption figure_y|Another caption (a) with subcaption>

      Finally, you can include unique identifiers for caption strings using the same notation as for HTML comments:

      <imgcaption figure_z|%!-- id:cap8 --%Last caption %!-- id:cap8sub1 --%(z) and its subcaption>
    • Table captions have a special notation similar to figures:
      <tblcaption table_x|The caption>
    • To reference a figure you link to its caption using the notation:
      <imgref figure_x>

      The reference to a table caption is once again similar:

      <tblref table_x>

      Please note that references to figures and tables only work within the same page

    • Table and Figures may be preceded by:

      and followed by


      headings in order to provide convenient edit links

    • You can turn on numbering in code blocks by using this notation when starting a block:
      <code 1>


To import the XML form of a manual into the Wiki run the PHP importing script from the command line:

cd <gsdl-docs>/php
php gs-manual-import.php -m [user|install|develop|paper] -l [ar|fr|en|es|pt-br|ru]


Export of a manual into XML form is handled by clicking one of the two links at the top of the top level manual page (where cover metadata is listed). Exporting the draft version of a manual will produce XML from the latest version of pages regardless of approval. Meanwhile exporting the approved version of a manual includes only the most recently approved versions of pages (and only uses draft versions if approved versions not available).

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