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  • DSpace: Importing DSpace collections into Greenstone, and exporting Greenstone collections as DSpace format.

Installing DSpace

Old notes about Dspace installation.

  • Install Prerequisites:
    • Linux
    • Java 1.4 or later
    • Apache Ant 1.5 or later
    • PostgreSQL 7.3 or later
    • Jakarta Tomcat 4.x/5.x: already exist in the system: /research/chi/gsdl3/comms/jarkata/tomcat/
  • Step 1: Installation-PostgreSQL setting
     * modify /home/chi/local/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf => tcpip_socket = true
    * modify /home/chi/local/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf => host  all chi trust
                                                 => recommended by DSPace: host dspace chi 
  • Step 2: DSpace configuration setting
  dspace.url :
 ds.username: chi
 db.password: letmein
 alert.recipiemt: [email protected]
 Note that if you change dspace.dir, you'll also need to change other properties with values that start with /dspace e.g. assetstore, dir, log.dir
  • Step 3: Install DSpace
  *create the directory for the DSpace installation: /home/chi/local/dspace; chown chi [[dspace]]
 * cd [[dspace-source]]; ant fresh_install
 * cp [[dspace-source]]/build/*.war [[tomcat]]/webapps
 * create an initial administrator : [[dspace]]/bin/create-administrator
  • Step 4: Start PostgreSQL database server
  $ postmaster -D /home/chi/local/pgsql/data >logfile 2>&1 &
 $ pg_ctl stop -D /home/chi/local/pgsql/data
 This will enable the server run as a background
  • Step 5: Startup Tomcat
  $ cd /reseach/chi/gsdl3/comms/jakarta/tomcat/bin
 $ ( to shutdown the server)
  • Step 6: Running Dspace through the web:
  • Problems:
  1. wrong version of Java: the system was using 1.3.XXX but need JAVA 1.4 or later version

solution from the Web:

 Check which version of java your system is trying to use in the path, the
 script that [[dspace]]\bin\dsrun (which create-administrator calls) uses the
 version it finds in the path (it ignores JAVA_HOME)
 The two solutions that I know of is to modify the path for your system so
 that no other versions of java exist in it, or to modify the
 [[dspace]]\bin\dsrun script to reference the correct version of java.  AFAIK,
 this only effects this one particular script (and not the normal operations
 of dspace or tomcat).
 Add this  line in dsrun:
  • Import Collection to DSpace
 $ /home/chi/local/dspace
 $ bin/dsrun --add [email protected] --collection=collectionID
   --source=item_dir --mapfile=mapfile
 $ bin/dsrun -a -e [email protected] -c collectionID -s item_dir -m mapfile
  • Exporting Items in DSpace
  $ /home/chi/local/dspace
 $ bin/dsrun --type=COLLECTION --id=collID --dest=dest_dir --number=seq_num
 $ bin/dsrun --type=ITEM --id=itemID --dest=dest_dir --number=seq_num
  • Exporting METS in DSpace
  $ /home/chi/local/dspace
 $ bin/dsrun --item [[handle]]
 $ bin/dsrun --collection hdl:1234567898
 $ bin/dsrun --all
  • Log in My Dspace
  user : [email protected]
 password: chi (letmein)
  • Postgres – Run a Postgres single-user backend
  postgres dbname
 postgres -B nBuffers -C -D DataDir -E -F -O -P -Q -S SortSize -d DebugLevel -e -o OutputFile -s -v protocol dbname
  • Shutdown PostgreSQL server
  $ pg_ctl stop -D /home/chi/local/pgsql/data
  • Shutdown Tomcat
  $ cd /reseach/chi/gsdl3/comms/jakarta/tomcat/bin>
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