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DSpace is free, open source repository software. It is possible to both import a DSpace collection into Greenstone and to export a Greenstone collection in DSpace format. Imported DSpace collections are handled by the DSpacePlugin.

Importing DSpace collections

If you have exported collections from Dspace, you can easily use them in Greenstone. Documents in exported DSpace collections are separated into folders. Each folder contains:

  • a contents file
  • an xml file containing the metadata for the document
  • the document itself (potentially in multiple formats, e.g. .doc and .pdf)

In the Gather panel in the GLI, drag the folders exported from DSpace into the right hand panel. To process these documents properly, Greenstone has a DSpacePlugin. In the Design panel, add the DSpacePlugin and move it above GreenstoneXMLPlugin (to the top of the list of plugins). This plugin will process the documents and their associated metadata exported from DSpace.

See the DSpacePlugin page for information on configuring this plugin (especially how to handle documents with alternative formats). Also note that the DSpacePlugin will not process the documents themselves; it will pass the documents along to be processed by their respective plugins (which must be in the Assigned Plugins list).

Exporting DSpace collections

It is also possible to export a Greenstone collection to DSpace. To export a DSpace collection from the GLI, go to File → Export…. Select Dspace from the Export to dropdown menu. Specify where on your computer the exported collection(s) should be put, and select the collection(s) you want to export. For instructions on exporting collections from the commandline, either visit the exporting collections page, or view the Greenstone to DSpace tutorial listed in the Additional Resources section.

Additional Information

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