Part of the Greenstone Beginner's Guide
Customizing the look of your Greenstone library and collections requires you to know how and where to make the changes that you want. This page provides some insight, telling you where to go if you want to make changes to the layout, the style, the display of your documents and lists, etc.

There are a few pages that, though not directly concerned with customization, can be very useful during the process:

  • The directory structure page can help you locate important files and folders in your installation.
  • Understanding how Greenstone URLs (gs3, gs2) work, including CGI arguments, can help you create links to various pages in your collection.
  • Knowing the files that configure specific aspects of your installation is very important as you begin to customize.



Now that you know the basics of using and customizing Greenstone, there are a few other features, functions, and resources you should be aware of. The final section of this Beginner's Guide presents additional Greenstone topics.