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Additional Greenstone Topics

Part of the Greenstone Beginner's Guide

In addition to building and customizing your collections, there are a few other features of Greenstone of which you should be aware.


Greenstone comes equipped with an authentication facility. This allows you to restrict collections (and individual documents) to certain users.


In addition to OAI, Z3950, and SRW support, Greenstone can work with:


Greenstone was built to be multilingual, and, with the support of UNESCO and the Greenstone community, parts of Greenstone have been translated into scores of languages. You are also invited to help translate Greenstone into your language.

If you intend to create collections with documents in languages with characters not in the ISO basic Latin alphabet, it would be helpful to look over the language considerations page.

Additional Resources

On many of the pages of this wiki (like this one!), you will find an Additional Resources section. These sections include links to both internal and external pages that provide additional useful information on the current page's topic.

There are a few more very useful Greenstone resources you should be aware of:

  • There are many tutorials for Greenstone, which walk you through building collections of different types of documents, using different facets of the software, and customizing your collections.
  • If you are interested in teaching Greenstone to others, there is a workshops page, which includes presentations, schedules, and sample files from workshops previously given by the Greenstone Team.
  • For a look at Greenstone in action, check out the example collections.
  • If you require assistance using Greenstone, there are several options for receiving support.
  • For every Greenstone release, there is a Release Notes page, detailing the specifics of the release.
  • If you encounter any errors when running Greenstone, check the troubleshooting page for help.
  • Information from the previous wiki and old documentation on older versions is still available.