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Greenstone Configuration Files

There are several important files in your Greenstone installation that you can use to configure certain settings. This page provides an overview of some of the important configuration files, where they are located, and a description of their function. There are also some sample collection configuration files, which can be useful when configuring your own collection.

Important Configuration Files

The table below provides some information on important configuration files throughout your Greenstone installation.

Example collection configuration file

The collection configuration file (collectionConfig.xml for Greenstone 3, or collect.cfg for Greenstone 2) is the main file for customising the collection.

Sample Collection Configuration Files

Additional Resources

  • Inside Greenstone Collections (Greenstone 2, written for 2.40) This document presents and explains the configuration files for a few actual Greenstone collections, and also gives an example of how Greenstone's appearance can be customized. (Note, this document is intended to be used with Greenstone version 2.40 and higher.)