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Title, ex.Title and dc.Title notes

> Would someone be kind enough to tell me the differences between dc.Title
> and title? 
>   <Metadata name="dc.Title">Gilmour, Gordon, Sapper; 7 Aust. Field Survey
> Sect., Darwin, Adelaide River</Metadata>
>   <Metadata name="Title">10</Metadata>
> Where do they come from, what is the difference and how are they used?

Title is actually the ex.Title metadata, which is automatically extracted (if any) by plugins. Therefore [Title] or [ex.Title] in a format statement means the same thing.

dc.Title is the Title element of the dublin core metadata set, which is normally manually assinged, for example, by the collection creator.

> And how do they interact with the 'extended metadata names'?
> [parent:Title]The Title of the immediate parent section
> [parent(Top):Title]The
> Title of the topmost parent section 

[parent:Title] is the value of the extracted title (ex.title) of the immediate parent section Likewise, [parent:dc.Title] is the value of dc.Title of the immediate parent section

> and more generally - where can I find out more about how greenstone
> handles qualified dublin core metadata?
> [isn't there some use of the ^ symbol?]

1. Greenstone can use the qualified dublin core metadata set (or other metadata sets, even your own one):

In the Enrich panel →

  • click "Manage Metadata Sets" →
  • click "Add" →
  • select "[Title] or [ex.Title],
  • "dublin core metadata element set" from the "available Metadata Sets" list →
  • click "add",

then it will be added into the table (on the right hand side of the Enrich panel) where the metadata values can be entered.

Note: [Title] or [ex.Title] in a format statement means the same thing.

2. Then the metadata elements of qualified dc can be used in a way as other metadata elements are, for example, [dc.Title^Alternative]

3. You can create your own metadata set using GEMS.

In the gli directory, run gems.bat or

Or In the Enrich panel →

  • click "Manage Metadata Sets" → click "Add" → click "New".

4. The available metadata sets are stored in GSDLHOME/gli/metadata

Thanks Shaoqun!

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