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This page is in the 'old' namespace, and was imported from our previous wiki. We recommend checking for more up-to-date information using the search box.

Language-dependent text in Greenstone

For your information and interest, the language-dependent text in Greenstone comes in these places. We do not attempt to translate the comments that appear in program code, scripts, or configuration files. Our guideline is that non-programming users doing standard things with Greenstone should be able to work entirely in their own language.

User interface

Core: Text used in the basic digital library interface for Greenstone On-line help for the basic digital library interface

Auxiliary: Text that is generally directed at the library maintainer (e.g. the Administration pages and the Collector)

GLI: Text used in the Greenstone Librarian Interface Text in scripts for running (and compiling) the GLI The gli.txt help file On-line help for the GLI

Collection building: Option descriptions and error messages in perl scripts, and plugins and classifiers

Images: Text strings that appear in images that form part of the user interface

Website: The Greenstone website at



  • Installer's guide (35 pp.)
  • User's guide (50 pp.)
  • Developer's guide (115 pp.)
  • From Paper to Collection (45 pp.)


Unix: Text in and setup.bash. We do not translate text strings that appear during the configuration process (./configure), because people installing programs on Unix usually do so using English.

Windows: Text in the InstallShield installer used for Greenstone, and setup.bat. InstallShield comes with many different languages, and we are not responsible for these translations.

Both: The install.txt file


The GNU General Public Licence is written in English, and official translations into other languages do not exist. However, an unofficial translation is appended to the licence text that is presented during the installation process.

Sample Collections

Collection configuration files for sample collections supplied with Greenstone.

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