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This page is in the 'old' namespace, and was imported from our previous wiki. We recommend checking for more up-to-date information using the search box.

Actions and arguments

This page describes the common actions and arguments used by the Greenstone library server.

a is the main cgi argument and determines which action is used to dipslay the page.

a=p: Page action

Displays 'static' pages, such as home, about, help and preferences pages.

p page type: home, about, help, preferences

a=q: Query action

Displays search form and results, and optionally search history. Many of the options are set from the preferences page.

q query string
c current collection
h index to search (MG collections only)
j subcollection index (if collection has been partitioned)
n language index (if collection has been partitioned based on language)
t search type - if b=0, 0=all, 1=some. if b=1, 0=boolean, 1=ranked
b search mode - 0=simple, 1=advanced
k casefolding - 0=off (case must match), 1=on (ignore case)
s stemming - 0=off (whole word must match), 1=on (ignore word endings)
m max number of documents to return in search results
o how many documents to display per page of search results
r which result number to start from for the current page of results
ccs cross collection searching - 0=off, 1=on
cc comma separated list of collections to search if cross collection search is enabled
hd display X number of search history records. if set to 0, search history is not displayed
qb query box type - 0=regular, 1=large
ifl I feel lucky - go directly to the first matching document instead of displaying the search results
ct collection type - 0=MG, 1=MGPP, 2=Lucene

The following arguments are only available for MGPP and Lucene collections, which provide form searching.

g granularity, or level of search (Doc, Sec, Para)
fqf index to search in. used instead of h arg for MGPP and Lucene plain searching
qt current query type - 0=plain, 1=form
qto available query types - 1=plain only, 2=form only, 3=both plain and form
qf query form type - 0=simple, 1=advanced
fqn query form number - number of boxes to display in the form
fqf query form fields - comma separated list of field selections
fqv query form values - comma separated list of query values
fqs query form stemming - comma separated list of stem settings (advanced form only)
fqk query form casefolding - comma separated list of casefold settings (advanced form only)
fqc query form combiners - comma separated list of boolean operators which are used to combine the query terms (AND,OR,NOT)
fqa query form advanced query - run the query specified by the q argument instead of generating the query based on the fq- arguments (advanced query)

a=d: Document action

Used for displaying documents and classifiers

d the document identifier to display
cl the classifier identifier - will be displayed if d is empty, otherwise it is used to record where in a classifier the document was entered from
gc expand/contract document contents - 0=contracted (normal view), 1=expanded
gt expand/contract document text - 0=contracted, 1=expand unless there are more than 10 sections, 2=expand all
gp goto page - used by page type document navigation
hl search term highlighting - 0=off, 1=on
x detach - x=1 means that the page will open in a new window
xx all document pages should be detached
dm date metadata - indicates the metadata type (e.g. ex.Date, dc.Date) that has been used to build a Date classifier - this is used in the special DateList formatting

Handles displaying documents which are external web pages

el external link preference - prompt=indicate to the user that they are about to leave the library, direct=go straight to the page
d document ID - of page that the link is in
href the external URL to go to
rl link is relative - what does this mean???
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