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People: Past and Present

We are very grateful to all the following people who have worked on the New Zealand Digital Library Project and the Greenstone software.

Staff associated with the New Zealand Digital Library Project

David Bainbridge Project leader; Musical and Web-based collections; optical music recognition; co-author of How to build a digital library
Ian Witten Project originator and former project leader; co-author of Managing Gigabytes; co-author of How to build a digital library
Mark Apperley User interfaces for readers
Sally Jo Cunningham Collections and usage studies
Matt Jones Interaction & mobile, ubiquitous access
Steve Jones Phrase-based interfaces, collaborative browsing, usage analysis
Te Taka Keegan Maori language systems
Dave Nichols Collaborative interfaces

Research students and Programmers

Stefan Boddie Greenstone development
George Buchanan MG, CORBA development
Lin Yi Chou Text mining
Michael Dewsnip Greenstone development
Katherine Don Greenstone development
Chi-Yu Huang Greenstone development
Imene Jaballah Digital libraries and HCI
Anupama Krishnan Greenstone development
Rodger McNab Greenstone development
John McPherson Musical libraries
John Thompson Greenstone Librarian Interface development
Shaoqun Wu FLAX (Flexible Language Acquisition software) development
Stuart Yeates Text mining, acronym extraction

Project members affiliated with other universities

Elke Duncker Cross-cultural issues
Craig Nevill-Manning PostScript to text conversion, user interface, WWW server, index building, FTP
Gary Marsden Digital divide and developing world, interaction and mobile, ubiquitous access
Dynal Patel Interface customisation, Greenstone promotion in Africa
Gordon Paynter Phrase-based browsing
Nina Reeves Librarians and library users
Yin Leng Theng Digital libraries for schools
Harold Thimbleby User interfaces for digital libraries

Many other people have contributed to the project

Mark Abrahams Client-side browsing interfaces using Java
Tim Bell Co-author of Managing Gigabytes
Matt Humphrey Information visualization in the digital library
Stuart Inglis Document image analysis and optical character recognition
Trent Mankelow School Journal prototype
Bruce McKenzie Original interface to MG
Alistair Moffat Co-author of Managing Gigabytes, created the MG software
Todd Reed PostScript to text conversion, user interface, WWW server, index building, FTP
Don Smith Special needs of libraries for mathematical and theoretical materials
Che Tamahori Designer of original New Zealand Digital Library Web pages
Bill Teahan Language modeling
Mahendra Vallabh Original FTP script
Lloyd Smith Music collections and music retrieval
John Venable Requirements for digital libraries, and collections for information systems
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