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Greenstone 2.83 tutorial exercises (May 2010)

  • The tutorials below work with Greenstone 2.83 and probably 2.84, and some still cover earlier versions of Greenstone 2. Print version
  • For the latest versions of the tutorials, for Greenstone 2 and 3, see the main tutorials page.
  • For other old versions, including Spanish, French and Russian translations of the 2.70 version, see the Old Tutorials page.

Working with a pre-packaged collection (UNAIDS)

  • Installing a pre-packaged Greenstone collection
  • Browsing around a Greenstone collection
  • Searching within a Greenstone collection
  • Leaving the Greenstone digital library
  • Exercise: Use the UNAIDS collection to answer these questions

Working with a pre-packaged collection (Digital Libraries in Education)

  • Installing a pre-packaged collection
  • Browsing around a Greenstone collection
  • Exercise: Read the Help page; then answer these questions
  • Exercise: Use the How to build a digital library collection to answer these questions.

Installing Greenstone

  • Installing Greenstone on a Windows system
  • Installing ImageMagick on a Windows system
  • Installing Ghostscript on a Windows system

Updating a Greenstone installation

  • Removing Greenstone from a Windows system
  • Reinstalling Greenstone on a Windows system
  • Amalgamating different Greenstone collections
  • Installing the Greenstone language pack (2.62 and earlier)
  • Enabling other languages (2.63 and later)
  • Installing the Classic Interface Pack (2.63 and later)

Building a small collection of HTML files

  • Running the Greenstone Librarian Interface
  • Starting a new collection
  • Adding documents to the collection
  • Building the collection
  • Viewing the extracted metadata
  • Viewing the internal links and external links
  • Setting up a shortcut in the Librarian interface

A simple image collection

  • Adding Title and Description metadata
  • Change Format Features to display new metadata
  • Changing the size of image thumbnails
  • Adding a browsing classifier based on Description metadata
  • Creating a searchable index based on Description metadata

A collection of Word and PDF files

  • Viewing the extracted metadata
  • Manually adding metadata to documents in a collection
  • Document Plugins
  • Search indexes
  • Browsing classifiers
  • Renaming the search indexes
  • Classifying on multiple metadata

Formatting the Word and PDF collection

  • Tidying up the default format statement
  • Linking to Greenstone version or original version of documents
  • Making bookshelves show how many items they contain
  • Displaying multi-valued metadata
  • Advanced multi-valued metadata

Enhanced PDF handling

  • Modes in the Librarian Interface
  • Splitting PDFs into sections
  • Using image format
  • Using process_exp to control document processing (advanced)
  • Opening PDF files with query terms highlighted

Enhanced Word document handling

  • Using Windows native scripting
  • Modes in the Librarian Interface
  • Defining styles
  • Removing pre-defined table of contents
  • Extracting document properties as metadata

Exporting a collection to CD-ROM/DVD

A large collection of HTML files—Tudor

  • Extracting more metadata from the HTML
  • Blocking the stray images
  • Looking at different views of the files in the Gather and Enrich panels

Enhanced collection of HTML files—Tudor

  • Adding hierarchically-structured metadata and a Hierarchy classifier
  • Adding a hierarchical phrase browser (PHIND)
  • Partitioning the full-text index based on metadata values
  • Controlling the building process

Formatting the HTML collection—Tudor

Section tagging for HTML documents

Downloading files from the web

Pointing to documents on the web

Bibliographic collection

  • Using fielded searching
  • Exploding the database
  • Reformatting the collection to use the exploded metadata

CDS/ISIS collection

Customization: macro files and stylesheets

  • Collection specific customisation
  • Changing the colour of the page title and page text
  • Make your own Greenstone home page
  • How to determine which images to replace (advanced)

Looking at a multimedia collection

Building a multimedia collection

  • Manually correcting metadata
  • Browsing by media type
  • Suppressing dummy text
  • Using AZCompactList rather than AZList
  • Making bookshelves show how many items they contain
  • Adding a Phind phrase browser
  • Branding the collection with an image
  • Using UnknownPlug
  • Cleaning up a title browser using regular expressions
  • Using non-standard macro files
  • Using different icons for different media types
  • Changing the collection's background image
  • Building a full-size version of the collection
  • Adding an image collage browser

Scanned image collection

  • Grouping documents by series title and displaying dates within each group
  • Displaying scanned images and suppressing dummy text
  • Searching at page level

Advanced scanned image collection

  • Adding another newspaper to the collection
  • XML based item file
  • Using process_exp to control document processing
  • Switching between images and text

Open Archives Initiative (OAI) collection

  • Tweaking the presentation with format statements

Downloading over OAI

  • Downloading using the Librarian Interface
  • Downloading using the command line

Use METS as Greenstone's Internal Representation

Moving a collection from DSpace to Greenstone

  • Adding indexing and browsing capabilities to match DSpace's

Moving a collection from Greenstone to DSpace

  • Using Greenstone from the command line

Editing metadata sets

  • Running GEMS
  • Creating a new metadata set
  • Adding a new element to a metadata set

Building with different indexers

  • Build and search with Lucene
  • Search with Lucene
  • Build and search with MGPP
  • Search with MGPP
  • Use wildcards in query
  • A quick reference of the wildcards in MGPP

Incremental building of a collection

  • The Depositor
  • Enable The Depositor
  • Use the Depositor to do incremental addition
  • Batch addition with the Depositor
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