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Greenstone3 URLs

URLs are greatly simplified in Greenstone3. Using URL rewriting, Greenstone3's URLs are logical, short, and informative. For example, the URL for a document page in a Greenstone2 collection will look something like this:


In Greenstone3, the URL for a document page will look like this:


So, as this example shows, you can easily access any document in any collection in a library simply by navigating to http://localhost:8383/greenstone3/<library-name>/collection/<collection-name>/document/<document-ID>.

Library URL patternsDescription
All URL patterns are preceded by http://localhost:8383/greenstone3/
<library-name>The homepage of the library (the default library name is library)
<library-name>/collection//page/help Help page for library
<library-name>/collection//page/pref or <library-name>/collection/<collection-name>/page/pref Preferences page for library
<library-name>/collection/<collection-name>/page/help Help page for collection
<library-name>/collection/<collection-name>/page/about'About' page for collection
<library-name>/collection/<collection-name>/browse/<classifier-number>Browsing classifiers (classifier numbers look like CL1, CL2.3, CL2.3.5)
<library-name>/collection/<collection-name>/search/<search-type>Search pages (possible search types include AdvancedFieldQuery, TextQuery, and FieldQuery)
<library-name>/collection//search/TextQueryCross-collection search page

Server URL

The server URL consists of three parts: the tomcat base URL which is the machine IP name/address plus port, the context for Greenstone3, and the servlet name:


By default, the Greenstone3 tomcat server runs on http://localhost:8383 and the Greenstone3 servlets are located at http://localhost:8383/greenstone3. Default servlets include library and oaiserver.

The context part is 'technically' set by the name of the file in greenstone3/packages/tomcat/conf/Catlina/localhost, which is, by default greenstone3.xml. HOWEVER, every time you start the server, Greenstone3/build.xml copies this the file from Greenstone3/resources/tomcat into the correct folder.

To change the context, change the greenstone.context variable in Greenstone3/

# The context name of your GS3 digital library. By default this will be "greenstone3". Ensure this has a value.

When you restart the server, a new file will be created for the new context name, and copied into the Tomcat folder.


descendants=1On hierarchical browse pages, this will display with page with all levels of all sections expanded
o=xmlDisplays the raw information coming from the Message Router.
o=xmlfinalDisplays the information coming from the Message Router after the second config_format pass.
o=skindocSimplified Skin XSL with Expanded GSF statements appended.
o=skinandlibAn XML document with a root element called skinAndLibraryXsl and the two children skinXsl and libraryXsl. The libraryXsl, which already includes util.xsl, is merely appended.
o=skinandlibdocThe result of applying preprocess.xsl to skinandlib produces this stylesheet which is the final XSL document that will be applied to the XML data returned from the message router.
formatedit=onWeb interface editor for editing Greenstone3 format statements.
a=s&sa=cRefresh all the collection configuration files: Reconfigures the whole site. Reads in siteConfig.xml, reloads all the collections.

o is output Find more information on arguments: Greenstone3 → src → java → org → greenstone → gsdl3 → action

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