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Legacy Packages

This page lists some of the additional packages that have been available for use with previous Greenstone 2 releases. None of these are needed for current Greenstone releases.

GLI Client


The GLI Client is a standalone GLI program that talks to a remote Greenstone server, rather than a local one. For Greenstone versions 2.84 and later, it is included in the Greenstone installer. To use it, you would install Greenstone itself, and configure the GLI client with the address of the remote server.

For those using a Greenstone 2.83 release, you can download a separate package containing just the GLI client.

Greenstone Interface Pack

Greenstone2.63 and later: Greenstone now comes with all languages enabled. New HTML and CSS stylesheets have removed the need for images with text on them, reducing the size of each language interface. This "classic interface" pack contains all the old text images (for all languages), and is designed to be used with a backwards compatibility macro file. You will only need to download this pack if you want to use the old-style tables + text images layout, or if you need support for Netscape 4, which doesn't support the new CSS. To use the images, edit greenstone/etc/main.cfg, and replace with in the macrofiles list. Note that this does not affect the multilingual support for the Greenstone Librarian Interface.

Greenstone Language Pack




Greenstone2.62 and earlier: These versions of Greenstone came with only English, French, Spanish and Russian reader's interfaces. These three packages contain the interface to Greenstone 2.62 in various different language versions. Note that this did not affect the multilingual support for the Greenstone Librarian Interface.

Export to CD-ROM

Greenstone2.70: This package enabled the "export to CD-ROM" function from within the Greenstone Librarian Interface and the Collector, for version 2.70. This has been included in all binary releases since 2.70w.

To install, simply download the file (it will work on both Windows and Unix/Linux) and extract the zip archive into your existing Greenstone installation folder's bin/windows directory. (It goes into the bin/windows directory regardless of whether you are working on Linux or Windows.)

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