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Release Name: 2.82

Release Date: 16 June 2009

Released: Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS/X and Source distributions of Greenstone v2.82

English version

The Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS/X and Source distributions of Greenstone v2.82 are now available for download from our sourceforge page, or via

This is the proper 2.82 release which replaces the 2.82rc release.

Note for installation: On GNU/Linux and Mac OS/X please choose an installation directory that does NOT have spaces in the path.

This is mainly a bug fix release. Minor fixes were added for z3950 support, MARCXML plugin, Linux Local Library Server, incremental build scripts, GDBM on Mac OS, exporting collections to CD, among others things. Solaris compilation fixes thanks to DL Consulting.

For the complete list of changes between 2.81 and 2.82, please see also the 2.82rc_Release_Notes

Installation Instructions

Binary distribution

Upon downloading the installer, launch the executable by double clicking on it on Windows or running it on Linux and Mac. The Greenstone installation dialog will eventually appear. It can take some time on Windows, please be patient.

[NOTE: If you are running a virtual Windows machine from your Mac using VMWare, the installer will fail unless you turn sharing off (it will be looking for some dll's in a network location that it can't access). To turn sharing off, press VMWare's "Settings" button. Then choose "Share" and untick "Share folders on your Mac". Now it will ask you to logout from your (virtual machine) Windows account. Log out and log back in and now launch the Greenstone 2.82 Windows installer by double-clicking on it.]

Generally, the installation procedure merely involves pressing the Next button throughout most screens of the installation dialog.

The important bit is when you come to the part where it requires you to choose an installation path. At that point make sure you provide it a location that you have access privileges to.

Once you have it installed, you can run the server on Windows via the shortcut to Greenstone Server in the Start menu. On Linux or Mac, you would open a terminal window, go into the Greenstone installation folder and type:


You an also use the DOS console to launch the same on Windows, by going into the Greenstone installation folder and typing:


Pressing the Enter Library button in the Greenstone Server Interface dialog that appears will open the browser on the Greenstone library page and all going well, the server will now be running.

At any point, if you need to know the URL of the Greenstone server, then you can access this via the Greenstone Server Interface dialog (File > Settings menu).

To launch the Greenstone Librarian Interface (GLI) on Windows, you can either use the shortcut of this name that's in the Start menu, or you could use a DOS console to go into your Greenstone installation folder and there type


On Linux and Mac, use a terminal to go into your Greenstone installation folder and there type


Source distribution

You can download either of the compressed files (.zip or .tar.gz) and unzip it on your machine. To do this on Windows, you would rightclick on the zip file and choose to extract it. On Linux, you would go into the containing folder and type:

tar -xvzf <source-distribution-filename.tar.gz>
  • To compile the source distribution on Windows, you would use the Start menu to go to your Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition > Visual Studio Tools > Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt. A DOS console will open up. Change directory into your Microsoft Platform SDK folder (for example, this could be located in C:\Program Files) and from there type:

Now use the same DOS console to change directory back into your Greenstone installation folder and there type:


It will offer to unzip certain compressed files for you, and ask you yes or no. Type Y. After it has finished unzipping, another menu of options will be presented, choose 4 to quit.

To compile it manually, just type:

nmake /f win32.make

This will compile the weblibrary. After a while, it will finish, at which point you need to compile the local library server with:

nmake /f win32.make LOCAL_LIBRARY=1
  • To run the local library server, go into your top-level Greenstone installation directory and type:
  • If you wish to run the Greenstone Librarian Interface, GLI, use the same DOS prompt to go into the gli directory, which is located in your Greenstone installation directory, and from there type the following to compile GLI up:

Once it has finished, you can run gli by typing (from the same location):

  • To compile the source distribution on Linux, you need the GNU C++ compiler. You would open a terminal window and type one after another:
make install

Each step will take some time.

  • Once it has finished compiling your Greenstone 2, you can type

to run the local library server on the Linux.

  • You can also run the server via the gsicontrol script, if you are in a text-only setting for instance. If this is the first time you are running the server, you would type: configure-web web-start

If you have run the server before, then the 2nd line above is all you need to startup the server.

  • To run GLI, you would first need to compile it up by going into the gli folder in your Greenstone 2 installation directory and typing:

Once it has finished, you can run gli by typing (from the same location):

The instructions for compiling on a Mac Intel OS 10.5 are the same as on Linux, but you need XCode.

Known Issues and Patches

Issue 1: DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH contains a path that does not even exist on your machine

The purported fix for this has not been sufficiently tested. While it has resolved the problem for us, it did not appear to have worked for a Greenstone user. If anyone could provide more information about how the problem manifests itself for them or how to reproduce it (or what they did to fix it), it would be appreciated.

(Beginnings of) a patch for issue 1

1. Download the following two files:
- %%
- %%

2. Go into the student's Greenstone installation folder and rename the
existing files setup.bash and so that there is still a back
up copy of the originals.

3. Move the files downloaded in step 1 above into the Greenstone
installation directory.

4. Open a terminal window, go into the Greenstone installation folder and
give executable permissions to the new setup.bash and files,
- chmod u+rwx setup.bash
- chmod u+rwx

5. Now try running "./" again, and check whether the
library.cgi page finally loads in the browser or whether it is still not

Issue 2: A "Forbidden" message appears when the Greenstone server starts up the browser

This has happened on Macs running Mac OS 10.4.x. There are two fixes: # If you were only running the Apache web server included with Greenstone (using the script), then you can open the top-level file llssite.cfg for editing and change the line:




If the web server was run via GLI (if you had launched GLI through, then you would want to edit the top-level glisite.cfg file instead and make the same change mentioned above to the externalaccess property.

Note that this line sets the apache web server to allow all connections (from other machines to your greenstone server). This has been fixed for future releases of Greenstone.

# You can try typing a different URL into your browser to visit your Greenstone pages: instead of the default localhost:<port number>, you can try<port number>, or you can try using the host name or host IP of your machine. On Windows, you can discover what the last two are by opening a DOS prompt and running

ipconfig /all

On Linux and Mac you would type "hostname" in a terminal to get the hostname or "ifconfig" to get more network details.

Issue 3: The browser starts up but the Greenstone pages do not load

See the solution to Issue 1 above.

Updated Translations

Thanks to the following people for updated translations since 2.82rc:

  • Anna Huang for Simplified Chinese translations
  • Diego Spano for Spanish translations
  • Guillaume Hatt for French translations
  • John Rose for French translations
  • Kamal Salih Mustafa for Arabic translations
  • Lavji Zala for Gujarati translations
  • K. Rajasekharan and Sreekumar for Malayalam translations
  • Sergey Karpov for Kazakh and Russian translations
  • Shubha Nagarkar for Marathi translations
  • Sreekumar for Malayalam translations
  • Yvan Arnaud for French translations

Versión Español

Nos complace anunciar que se encuentra disponible en la página, la versión Greenstone 2.82, candidata a ser distribuida, sourceforge, o via

Esta es una versión candidata (para de la próxima versión 2.82 prevista para fines de mayo 2009) que será publicada en CD-Rom por UNESCO.

Les pedimos a todos que bajen y prueben esta versión, e informen sobre cualquier "bug" a la lista de Greenstone. ([email protected].), para hacer esta versión 2.82 tan libre de "bugs" como sea posible.

Note que no necesita desinstalar su actual Greenstone para instalar esta versión. Simplemente asegúrese de que instala la nueva versión en un directorio separado de todos los existentes.

Notas sobre la versión 2.82rc

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