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Plugin that processes metadata.xml files.

  • Processes files: metadata.xml
    (Perl regular expression: metadata\.xml$)

The MetadataXMLPlugin is required and cannot be removed. It is hidden when the GLI is in Librarian Assistant or Librarian mode. To view the plugin in the GLI (in the Document Plugins section of the Design panel) and change the configuration options listed below, change the mode to Expert (File → Preferences → Mode).

The following table lists all of the configuration options available for MetadataXMLPlugin.

MetadataXMLPlugin Options
process_exp A perl regular expression to match against filenames. Matching filenames will be processed by this plugin. For example, using '(?i).html?\$' matches all documents ending in .htm or .html (case-insensitive). Default: metadata\.xml$
Options Inherited from BasePlugin
no_blocking Don't do any file blocking. Any associated files (e.g. images in a web page) will be added to the collection as documents in their own right.
block_exp Files matching this regular expression will be blocked from being passed to any later plugins in the list.
store_original_file Save the original source document as an associated file. Note this is already done for files like PDF, Word etc. This option is only useful for plugins that don't already store a copy of the original file.
associate_ext Causes files with the same root filename as the document being processed by the plugin AND a filename extension from the comma separated list provided by this argument to be associated with the document being processed rather than handled as a separate list.
associate_tail_re A regular expression to match filenames against to find associated files. Used as a more powerful alternative to associate_ext.
OIDtype The method to use when generating unique identifiers for each document. Default: auto
OIDmetadata Specifies the metadata element that hold's the document's unique identifier, for use with -OIDtype=assigned. Default: dc.Identifier
no_cover_image Do not look for a prefix.jpg file (where prefix is the same prefix as the file being processed) to associate as a cover image.
filename_encoding The encoding of the source file filenames. Default: auto
file_rename_method The method to be used in renaming the copy of the imported file and associated files. Default: url
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