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Plugin which processes the archive info database (archiveinf-doc) which is generated by the import process. It passes each archive file listed in the database to the plugin pipeline to be processed by GreenstoneXMLPlugin.

The ArchivesInfPlugin is required and cannot be removed. It is hidden when the GLI is in Librarian Assistant or Librarian mode. To view the plugin in the GLI (in the Document Plugins section of the Design panel) and change the configuration options listed below, change the mode to Expert (File → Preferences → Mode).

The following table lists all of the configuration options available for ArchivesInfPlugin. Any detailed information on options specific to this plugin will be found below.

ArchivesInfPlugin Options
reversesort Sort in reverse alphabetical order. Useful if the -sortmeta option was used with
sort Sort in ascending alphabetical order. Useful if the -sortmeta option was used with
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