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The CONTENTdm is a commercial digital library ( that provides tools for organizing, managing and searching digital collections over the Internet. Collections in CONTENTdm digital library can be exported in the RDF format.


CONTENTdmPlugin is implemented to process the RDF file only. It identifies each <rdf:Description> element in the RDF file as a document and transformes it into the Greenstone archieve file. Meanwhile Metadata are collected. In CONTENTdmPlugin, XML::parser class has been modified, it can process both well-formed and not-well-formed RDF files. A warning message will be output if the RDF file is not well formed. The image files are taken care by the pagedImg plug which is the secondary plugin of CONTENTdmPlugin.

Four parameters are created in the CONTENTdm plugin:

  • convert_to

(html(default)|text|pagedimg) Compulsory option

  • xslt apply

xslt file is applied on the RDF file to avoid some content

  • process_exp

CONTENTdmPlugin only handles .rdf file by default

  • block_exp

CONTENTdmPlugin blocks (jpg|jpeg|gif) files by default

For example:

 plugin          CONTENTdmPlugin -convert_to html -keep_original_filename
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