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Using MS-SQL as collection database

Tested Environment: Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server

Tested MS-SQL installation: Microsoft SQL server 2005 Express

Tested C++ Compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition

Build time setup

  • Modified files
    • perllib/
  • Installation requirements
    • Microsoft SQL server 2005
    • Microsoft SQL server 2005 Manager
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition
    • Active Perl
  • Perl Module required: DBD:ADO. To install DBD:ADO manually:
    • make sure ActivePerl is installed
    • Make sure Visual C++ is installed
    • Go to CPAN and download the source package
    • Untar it and run Makefile.PL
    • Run "nmake", "nmake test" and "nmake install"
  • Database creation: We need to create database manually, use the Manager and create a database. You can basically call it anything you like You will need to set this database name in the
  • Configuration for the Open the file and search for the following lines
my $host = "localhost,1660"; # Need to look up your SQL server and see what port is it using.
my $user = "sa";
my $pwd = "[When installing the MSSQL, you will be asked to input a password for the sa user, use that password]";
my $database = "[Create a database in MSSQL and use it here]";
  • $host: Go to [Programs]⇒[Microsoft SQL Server 2005]⇒[Configuration Tools]⇒[SQL Server Configuration Manager]. Under [SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration]⇒[Protocols for SQLEXPRESS]. You need to make sure TCP/IP is enabled. Right click on the properties and find the "TCP Dynamic Ports" in the "IP Address" tab
  • $user and $pwd: When installing the "Microsoft SQL server 2005 Express". You should be asked to input a password for the "sa" user.
  • $database: Set it to whatever database you have created. Uncomment the following lines to enable DBD:ADO;
use DBI;
use DBD::ADO;
Win32::OLE->Option(CP => Win32::OLE::CP_UTF8);
  • collect.cfg configuration: Open your collection's collect.cfg file and add (or set) "infodbtype mssql"
  • Additional information: Once the index is created, you will find the mssql connection information for the runtime code in index/text/[collection].mssdbinfo

Runtime setup

  • Modified files
    • win32.mak
    • runtime-src/win32.mak
    • runtime-src/src/colservr/win32.mak
    • runtime-src/src/colservr/collectset.cpp
    • common-src/win32.mak
    • common-src/src/lib/win32.mak
    • common-src/src/lib/mssqldbclass.cpp
    • common-src/src/lib/mssqldbclass.h
  • msado: Make sure you have C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\ado\msado27.tlb If not, edit the mssqldbclass.h to use C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\ADO\msado15.dll instead
  • Build the system: In GSDLHOME, do nmake /f win32.mak USE_MSSQL=1<br/>
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