Collection Grouping

By default, the Greenstone home page will display a grid of all valid collections. This can get quite crowded if there are a number of collections. "Collection groups" enables collections to be grouped into a subset with only one icon/link on the home page. Clicking the Group icon takes you to a group 'about page', which displays all the collections in that group.

This is accomplished by putting a group folder inside the collect folder (greenstone2/collect, or greenstone3/web/sites/localsite/collect). All collections belonging to that group need to be moved into the group subfolder.

Then a configuration file is needed for the group. This lives in an etc folder inside the group, and is collect.cfg for greenstone2, collectionConfig.xml for greenstone3. The format is a very cut down version of a standard collection's config file. The key item is the collectgroup specifier.