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Basic Installation

Obtaining Greenstone

CD-ROM Releases

While some version 2.37 and 2.38 CD-ROMs have been produced they're not currently being made widely available. You are encouraged to download the latest release of Greenstone from the Greenstone download page, as outlined above. If your internet connection is such that downloading Greenstone isn't possible please contact us and we may be able to arrange for a CD-ROM to be sent out.


Upon downloading the installer, run the executable: On Windows and Mac you need to double-click it to launch the installation dialog, on Linux you first need to set the downloaded executable's permissions to executable before you can run it from the terminal.

It may take some time for the Greenstone installation dialog to appear. Once the installation dialog displays, you generally need to keep pressing the Next button until it is finished.

Note: When the installer asks for the location to install Greenstone in, make sure to choose a location on your file system for which you have access privileges. If you are using Windows Vista/7, we recommend you do not install Greenstone in Program Files, as the default file permissions for this folder can cause issues when you attempt to run Greenstone. We recommend your 'User' directory or your Documents folder as the installation destination, instead. This way Greenstone will be able to run without any extra steps.

If you do want to install Greenstone into Program Files on Windows Vista or 7 (and you have administrator permissions on your computer), you can run the installer with administrator permissions by right clicking on the installer and choosing "Run as administrator".

For more information on installation options, including downloading and compiling source code from source distributions or Subversion (SVN), see the Advanced Installation page.

Greenstone Suite

The basic Greenstone installation includes a suite of software. In Windows, you will find the following in Start → All Programs → Greenstone.

Once you have successfully installed the Greenstone software, you are ready to start building collections.