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 The commands that gliserver.pl takes are: The commands that gliserver.pl takes are:
-^Command^Other Arguments^Output^ +^Command^Other Arguments^Only GSx?^Output^ 
-|cmd=check-installation| | blah... Installation OK!| +|cmd=check-installation| |blah... Installation OK!| 
-|cmd=greenstone-server-version| | Greenstone server version is: 3 | +|cmd=greenstone-server-version| | Greenstone server version is: 3 | 
-|cmd=get-library-url-suffix| |Greenstone library URL suffix is: /​greenstone3| +|cmd=get-library-url-suffix| |Greenstone library URL suffix is: /​greenstone3| 
-|cmd=get-site-names | | gateway-----localsite-----|+|cmd=get-site-names | |3 |gateway-----localsite-----
 +|cmd=user-validation|un=username&​pw=password| 3| administrator,​all-collections-editor:​ the list of groups associated with that user. OR "​Authentication failed: error message" ​