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-===== User Comments ===== 
-If you enable comments for your library, library users with accounts are able to add comments 
-to the document pages of collections. 
-To allow users to view and add comments to documents: 
-  - In the Format Features section of the Format pane of GLI, go to the Choose Feature dropdown and select AllowUserComments. ​ 
-  - Press the Add Format button to add this to the list of active Format Features for your collection. ​ 
-  - Select the AllowUserComments option that is now in the list and then tick its Enabled button to activate it.  
-  - Press the Preview button and visit a document of your collection. ​ 
-It should now provide a small "Add comment"​ link at the bottom. Users need to have accounts in your digital library in order to add their own comments, but existing comments once added can be seen by all.