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Release Name: 3.03

Release Date: October 2007

Released: Windows, GNU/Linux and Source releases of Greenstone 3.03

Installation Instructions

The binary distributions now consist of self-installing InstallShield binaries. Download and run to install.

  • Ant is still used for running and configuring Greenstone3. This comes bundled in the distribution.
  • A bundled Java Runtime Environment will be installed if Java is not found on the user's machine.

Important Changes

Runtime changes

  • New oaiserver: for more info, see here
  • New Remote GLI: for more info, see here
  • external link support - this is equivalent to Greenstone2's external link support
  • only Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required to run Greenstone3
  • the document retrieving and searching process synchronized to fix a crash problem caused by concurrent accesses
  • The Greenstone3 collection config file can be edited in GLI directly, Greenstone2→Greenstone3 collection config file conversion is no longer needed

Collection building changes

Greenstone v3.03 uses Greenstone2 collection building and GLI. This release uses version 2.74 code which has the following changed compare to 2.72

  • MetadataXMLPlug can no longer be removed
  • Interface improvements in GLI
  • New 'NoText' metadata can be used to suppress the dummy text
  • Download plug for downloading from a Mediawiki website from GLI.
  • Can now double click an index to bring up the 'Edit Index' window.
  • Moved mg, mgpp, lucene and unac into the indexers branch
  • New CONENTdmPlug plugin for collections in the CONTENTdm digital library
  • New option for GenericList: partition_name_length, many thanks to Jens Wille.
  • New option for GenericList: sort_using_unicode_collation, which uses the Unicode::Collate module to sort Unicode values better (eg. e with acute is sorted with the other e values, not after everything else).
  • New RecentDocumentsList classifer for classifying documents based on the lastmodified metadata.
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