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 |Matt Jones |Interaction & mobile, ubiquitous access| |Matt Jones |Interaction & mobile, ubiquitous access|
 |Steve Jones |Phrase-based interfaces, collaborative browsing, usage analysis| |Steve Jones |Phrase-based interfaces, collaborative browsing, usage analysis|
-|Te Taka Keegan |Maori language systems| +|[[http://​www.cms.waikato.ac.nz/​people/​tetaka|Te Taka Keegan]] |Maori language systems| 
-|Dave Nichols |Collaborative interfaces|+|[[http://​www.cs.waikato.ac.nz/​~daven/​|Dave Nichols]] |Collaborative interfaces| 
 +===== Research students and Programmers ===== 
 +|Stefan Boddie Greenstone development| 
 +|George Buchanan MG, CORBA development| 
 +|Lin Yi Chou Text mining| 
 +|Michael Dewsnip Greenstone development| 
 +|Katherine Don Greenstone development| 
 +|Chi-Yu Huang Greenstone development| 
 +|Imene Jaballah Digital libraries and HCI| 
 +|Anupama Krishnan Greenstone development| 
 +|Rodger McNab Greenstone development| 
 +|John McPherson Musical libraries| 
 +|John Thompson Greenstone Librarian Interface development| 
 +|Shaoqun Wu FLAX (Flexible Language Acquisition software) development| 
 +|Stuart Yeates Text mining, acronym extraction| 
 +=====Project members affiliated with other universities===== 
 +|Elke Duncker Cross-cultural issues| 
 +|Craig Nevill-Manning PostScript to text conversion, user interface, WWW server, index building, FTP| 
 +|Gary Marsden Digital divide and developing world, interaction and mobile, ubiquitous access| 
 +|Dynal Patel Interface customisation,​ Greenstone promotion in Africa| 
 +|Gordon Paynter Phrase-based browsing| 
 +|Nina Reeves Librarians and library users| 
 +|Yin Leng Theng Digital libraries for schools| 
 +|Harold Thimbleby User interfaces for digital libraries| 
 +=====Many other people have contributed to the project===== 
 +|Mark Abrahams Client-side browsing interfaces using Java| 
 +|Tim Bell Co-author of Managing Gigabytes| 
 +|Matt Humphrey Information visualization in the digital library| 
 +|Stuart Inglis Document image analysis and optical character recognition| 
 +|Trent Mankelow School Journal prototype| 
 +|Bruce McKenzie Original interface to MG| 
 +|Alistair Moffat Co-author of Managing Gigabytes, created the MG software| 
 +|Todd Reed PostScript to text conversion, user interface, WWW server, index building, FTP| 
 +|Don Smith Special needs of libraries for mathematical and theoretical materials| 
 +|Che Tamahori Designer of original New Zealand Digital Library Web pages| 
 +|Bill Teahan Language modeling| 
 +|Mahendra Vallabh Original FTP script| 
 +|Lloyd Smith Music collections and music retrieval| 
 +|John Venable Requirements for digital libraries, and collections for information systems|