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 export ANT_HOME=/​path/​to/​your/​ant export ANT_HOME=/​path/​to/​your/​ant
 export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/​bin:​$ANT_HOME/​bin:​$PATH export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/​bin:​$ANT_HOME/​bin:​$PATH
-</​code>​+</​code>​\\ **NOTE:** Some of the prerequisite packages are available from greenstone'​s svn and are put into a subfolder called ''​local''​. For instructions on compiling up from source using the ''​local''​ folder, refer to the [[http://​wiki.greenstone.org/​doku.php?​id=en:​developer:​unix_source_install|Unix source installation page]]. Otherwise, proceed with the following.
   - Checkout the code: <​code>​   - Checkout the code: <​code>​
 svn co http://​svn.greenstone.org/​main/​trunk/​greenstone3 svn co http://​svn.greenstone.org/​main/​trunk/​greenstone3