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 +====== Incremental Building ======
 +If you are using GLI, you need to select "​Minimal Rebuild"​ on the Create Pane. 
 +If you are building on the command line, you can use incremental-rebuild.pl,​ incremental-import.pl and incremental-buildcol.pl in place of full-rebuild.pl,​ import.pl and buildcol.pl. ​
 +**Incremental importing:​** New documents will be imported. Modified documents will be re-imported. Deleted documents will be removed from the collection.
 +If metadata has changed, then documents will be reimported. ​
 +Important note for collection design: GLI can notice that metadata in a folder has been 
 +added/​changed,​ but it is not smart enough to tell which documents in the folder have changed ​
 +metadata. Therefore, if metadata in a folder has changed (including new metadata being added), ​
 +then all documents in that folder will be reimported. This means that if you have all your 
 +documents in the top level import folder, adding new metadata or changing any metadata for 
 +any document will result in **all** documents being reimported. If you intend to do incremental ​
 +import, then please organize your documents into subfolders. That way modifying metadata for 
 +some documents won't result in all other documents being reimported.
 +**Incremental indexing:** Currently only the Lucene indexer can do incremental indexing. ​
 +If you are using MG/MGPP then a full buildcol pass will be done, even if incremental-buildcol.pl ​
 +is used.
 +If collection design has changed, then you will need to do a full rebuild. Changes to plugin ​
 +options, and some import options will necessitate a full import.
 +Changes to search indexes, partition indexes, browsing classifiers will necessitate a full 
 +Note, changes on the Format pane do not require a rebuild at all.
 +See [[en:​developer:​incremental_building|this page]] for some information about the code involved with incremental building.