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 =====Disadvantages of Greenstone3===== =====Disadvantages of Greenstone3=====
-As Greenstone3 is still in its early stages of development,​ a number of problems and bugs remain. If your Greenstone2 collections do not work under Greenstone3,​ or if you are experiencing some unexpected behavior from Greenstone3,​ please read this list before contacting us. + 
-  *   **Conversion of ''​collect.cfg''​ **  Greenstone3 still uses Greenstone2-style ''​collect.cfg''​ files internally, and converts these to Greenstone3-style [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​XML XML]] files called ''​colletionConfig.xml''​. Unfortunately,​ the conversion is not always perfect, and may cause some unexpected errors with your collection. As development continues, the conversions will get better. Eventually, Greenstone3 will work solely with ''​collectionConfig.xml''​ files, eliminating the need for this problematic conversion process.  +  * If you have heavily modified macros/format statements ​using greenstone 2 then it can be tricky to achieve ​the same thing in Greenstone3. ​HoweverGreenstone 3 is much more customizable once you do know how
-  *   ​**Collections sometimes disappear after changes to format statements**  After changing a format statement in a collection, ​the collection may become unavailable. ​ This is because the conversion of the ''​collect.cfg''​ file after the new format statement is introduced produces a ''​collectionConfig.xml''​ file containing malformed XML. A collection cannot be hosted ​in Greenstone3 ​without a valid ''​collectionConfig.xml''​ fileso the collection disappears from the library. The solution ​is to undo the edits which caused the problem.  +  *   ​**Need to click preview after changes to format statements** ​ Unlike in Greenstone2, ​the collectionConfiguration file is loaded into memory when the library server starts upChanges ​to the file require ​the collection ​to be reloaded in Greenstone, or the server restartedClicking ​the "​preview ​collection" ​in GLI will do this for you  
-  *   ​**Need to click preview after changes to format statements** ​ Unlike in Greenstone2, ​format statements are not applied automatically to their collectionsTo apply changes ​to format statements, you must click the '​Preview'​ button in the GLI to invoke an internal conversion script which applies the changes.  +  *   ​**Export to CD/​DVD-ROM** ​ Exporting collections to CD-ROM and DVD-ROM is not supported in Greenstone3's GLI. However you can make a DVD yourself, see [[ http://​wiki.greenstone.org/​doku.php?​id=en:​user:​exporting_collections#​can_greenstone3_export_to_cd_dvd-rom_collections|this page]].
-  *   ​**Nested ''​if''​s and ''​or''​s** ​ At this stageGreenstone3 can only handle ''​if''​ and ''​or''​ statements in its format strings which don't contain other ''​if''​ and ''​or''​ statements. If you try to nest ''​if''​ or ''​or''​ statements, some of the control characters (like the curly brace '​{'​) will be interpreted as literal characters and will appear on the pages of your collection +
-  *   ​**Refresh Error in the GLI**  After building a new collection in GLI, it may not appear in your Greenstone library. If this happens, check that your **Greenstone Web Path** is set correctly (File -> Preferences... -> Greenstone Web Path). For the default installation,​ this should be set to ''<​nowiki>​http://​localhost:​8080/​greenstone3</​nowiki>'' ​ +
-  *   ​**Export to CD/​DVD-ROM** ​ Exporting collections to CD-ROM and DVD-ROM is not supported in Greenstone3. ​+