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 +====== Contributing to the Greenstone Wiki ====== 
 +  * Anyone can read this Wiki, but not write to it (to prevent graffiti) 
 +  * Registered Users are able to edit discussion pages, unprotected pages, and create new pages. To become a registered user, please create an account for this wiki, then mail us your username (to greenstone_team at waikato.ac.nz) and we will add you to our list of registered accounts. Note, merely creating an account does not automatically make you a registered user.  
 +  * Greenstone project members can edit all pages in the wiki. If you have been contributing to this Wiki and want to join the documentation project, just let us know! 
 +  * To add information or comment on protected pages in the wiki, please edit the associated discussion pages. Remember to look at these when searching for help about Greenstone. 
 +  * The easiest way to add a new page is to add a link to it from another page. Many pages include an **Additional Resources** section. Links look like <​nowiki>​[[Page_Name|Link text]]</​nowiki>​. All page names must be unique, and should describe the contents of the page in some way. Once the link is added into a page, clicking the link will create a new page that can be edited. 
 +  * If you already have some documentation about Greenstone, for example a web page or a PDF document, then please add in a link to it from the **Additional Resources** section of a relevant page. External links look like <​nowiki>​[[URL-Link|text]]</​nowiki>​.  
 +  * For more information about Wiki syntax, see [[wiki:​syntax|this page]].