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 +====== <!-- id:21 -->​Overview of Greenstone ======
 +//**Part of the [[en:​beginner:​index|Greenstone Beginner'​s Guide]]**// \\
 +<!-- id:22 -->​Greenstone is a suite of software for building and distributing digital library ​
 +collections. It is not a digital library but a tool for building digital libraries. ​
 +It provides a new way of organizing information and publishing it on the Internet in 
 +the form of a fully-searchable,​ metadata-driven digital library. It is a comprehensive system ​
 +for constructing and presenting collections of 
 +thousands or millions of documents, including text, images, audio and video. It has been developed ​
 +and distributed in cooperation with UNESCO and the Human Info NGO in Belgium. It is 
 +open-source,​ multilingual software, issued under the terms of the
 + ​[[http://​www.gnu.org/​copyleft/​gpl.html|GNU General Public License]]. ​
 +<!-- id:40 -->Being open source, Greenstone is readily extensible, and benefits ​
 +from the inclusion of GNU-licensed modules for full-text retrieval, database management, ​
 +and text extraction from proprietary document formats. Only through international cooperative ​
 +efforts will digital library software become sufficiently comprehensive to meet the world'​s ​
 +needs with the richness and flexibility that users deserve.
 +=====<​!-- id:22-1 -->​Available Platforms=====
 +<!-- id:22-2 -->​Greenstone runs on all versions of Windows, Unix/Linux, and Mac OS-X.
 + The main distribution of Greenstone allows for easy installation,​ and requires  ​
 +no configuration.
 +===== Major Versions =====
 +There are two major versions of Greenstone: Greenstone2 and Greenstone3. Greenstone3 is a complete redesign and reimplementation of the original Greenstone digital library software (Greenstone2),​ and
 +is recommended,​ as it will eventually become the production version of the Digital Library ​
 +software the group supports. ​
 +Learn more about the differences between the two versions [[en:​user:​gs2_or_gs3|here]].
 +Much of the documentation is similar or identical for the two major versions. ​
 +Where the versions diverge, you will find a tabbed section like this:
 +<TABAREA tabs="​Greenstone3,​Greenstone2">​
 +<​TAB>​You will find Greenstone3-specific information here.</​TAB>​
 +<​TAB>​You will find Greenstone2-specific information here.</​TAB>​
 +Simply select the tab corresponding to the version you install.
 +===== <!-- id:32 -->​Documents =====
 +<!-- id:33 -->The plugins distributed with Greenstone can process a wide variety of [[en:​user:​document_types|document types]], ​
 +  * plain text, Word, and PDF documents
 +  * HTML pages
 +  * Powerpoint presentations
 +  * Excel spreadsheets
 +  * images
 +  * MARC records
 +  * and more!
 +<!-- id:35 -->In addition, new plugins can be written for different document types. Non-textual ​
 +material can either be linked to textual documents or accompanied by textual descriptions ​
 +(such as figure captions) to allow full-text searching and browsing.
 +<!-- id:36 -->​Unicode,​ which is a standard scheme for representing the character sets 
 +used in the world'​s languages, is used throughout Greenstone. This allows documents in any language to 
 +be processed and displayed in a consistent manner. Collections have been built containing ​
 +Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Māori and Spanish. In addition, the Greenstone interface ​
 +is available in all the above languages (and more). ​
 +===== <!-- id:23 -->​Collections =====
 +<TABAREA tabs="​Greenstone3,​Greenstone2">​
 +In Greenstone, documents are gathered into individually organized **collections**. These
 +collections are all part of a library (called a **site**), and you can have multiple ​
 +sites in a single Greenstone3 installation.
 +In Greenstone, you create **collections** of documents, and a typical digital library built with Greenstone will contain many separate, ​
 +individual organized collections.
 +==== <!-- id:27 -->​Navigation ====
 +<!-- id:25 --> Collections can be accessed through both //​[[en:​user:​searching|searching]]//​ and //​[[en:​user:​browsing|browsing]]//​.  ​
 +When you create Greenstone collections,​ you can tailor the searching and browsing facilities. ​
 +==== <!-- id:37 -->​Distribution ====
 +<!-- id:38 -->​Collections are accessed over the Internet or published, ​
 +in precisely the same form, on a self-installing Windows CD-ROM. Compression ​
 +is used to compact the text and indexes.
 +===== Additional Resources =====
 +  * [[http://​wiki.greenstone.org/​wiki/​gsdoc/​others/​Greenstone_history.htm|A history of the Greenstone Digital Library Software.]]
 +  * [[http://​www.greenstone.org/​factsheet|Greenstone Fact Sheet]]
 +  * [[http://​www.greenstone.org|Greenstone web site]]
 +  * [[http://​www.ils.unc.edu/​~sheble/​greenstone/​survey.html|Form from 2006 user survey]]
 +  * [[http://​www.ils.unc.edu/​~sheble/​greenstone/​survey-report.html|Results from 2006 user survey]]
 +**//The next section explains the [[en:​beginner:​install_basic|basic installation]] of Greenstone Digital Library Software.//​**