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Additional Documentation

This page lists Greenstone related documents that are not wiki pages.

  • MGPP User Guide Guide to using MGPP. While the Greenstone instructions are a bit out of date now, it still has useful information about the indexing process and searching a collection outside of Greenstone using the standalone 'Queryer' program.
  • User Feedback Mechanism Documentation This is detailed documentation of the user feedback software incorporated into Greenstone under the “Send Feedback” button. It covers the design rationale and the artifact and is intended for those wishing to extend or modify the software. It is a companion document to the “Greenstone Developers’ Guide”. If you want to know the purpose of the software, you should read the papers listed as “further reading” at the end of this report.
  • I’d like to complain: system test plan Having developed some usability reporting software for Greenstone, it is necessary to test it. This document is broken up into two parts: a description of the software, and a description of the ideal test circumstances.